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How to Play


Make 1 Selection from Groups A-F. Points will be calculated using the table below based on the stats accrued during the series. The entry with the highest fantasy point total for the week wins. If any player doesn't play in the series, scores will result in zero. If partial slated games get PPD, the contest becomes void and fantasy points will not count. 

Winners of each weekly contest will receive prizes courtesy of CLE Tie Dye*. 

*Winner must follow CLE Tie Dye on Instagram/Facebook and share the CLE Tie Dye page to claim prize. 

Fantasy Preview 22-06-26.png

Jamie    867
Brandon R    716.9
Bryce    646.7
Danielle S    592.4
AROY    563.7

Last Weeks Results

Cle Tie Dye Logo.jpeg


1B: 3

2B: 5

3B: 8

HR: 10

BB: 2

RBI: 2

K: -2


W: 4

IP: 2

K: 2

HA: -0.5

BBA: -0.5

ER: -2

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